Great news: Fish for Life has got another official selection, this time from a festival in the City of Ensenada, near to Buenos Aires. The Festival Internacional de cine de Ensenada (FICE) will celebrate its first edition this year from December 6th to 8th. FICE focuses on cinematographic works that address a critical, poetic or aesthetic reflection around water which our animated short Fish for Life also does.

In this sense, water may appear as a central or tangential element in the development of narratives. Because we are inhabited, stirred and agitated by this river that feeds us, from the FICE, we are looking for those works that, like water, can poetically penetrate all the reality that we are able to cover.

FICE – Filmfreeway

Our team feels very honored and we’re looking forward that our work will be screened on the other side of the world.